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Remarkable stories, between failures and successes, about examples of companies from different sectors, sizes and countries; to learn, know and be informed.


Current events, relevant events and significant developments in various areas, reflecting the reality of different contexts, providing enriching perspectives to stay up to date.
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People. Processes. Technology.

We believe that clear processes, supported by the right technology, create an environment where people work happier, and consequently become your company more productive.


World class technology.
First level solutions for your company.

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We believe that clear processes, supported by the right technology, create an environment where people work happier, and consequently become your company more productive.
People at the center of everything.
People at the center of everything. It is what moves us. And it is also what moves your company, we want to transform the way in which companies think about their main values.
Continuous and valuable added value.
Continuous and valuable added value. Information empowers, and that is why we are extremely committed to offering valuable, useful and continuous content to all those who can serve them. And free.
Without people, there are no processes.
Without people, there are no processes. In our lives, 80% of the time is spent working, let's take the opportunity to be happy and turn work spaces into moments that are enjoyed.

What do we do?

We make companies more productive.

We do it by formalizing and implementing clear and robust processes, managing resistance to change and generating an impact on people's day-to-day lives.

In turn, we take care that technology works for your company and not the other way around.

From beginning to end.
From beginning to end.

We do not work by the hour, we believe that if we did, our clients would not be able to control what they pay. At the end of it all, we are a team and with our way of working, we make sure that we are aligned in each step we take together.

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Key business concepts

Organizational Levels: Differences and Functions

Organizational levels represent the three management levels commonly used in most businesses: lower-level management, middle-level management, and upper-level management. They are classified based on hierarchy and authority, and they can perform various tasks aimed at achieving a specific purpose. Within a functionally managed organization with a vertical tendency, this division into hierarchical levels allows for the differentiation of different levels of scope. The objective of the upper hierarchical level is to consider the medium and long-term strategy of the company. The middle level selects a more specific aspect of this comprehensive strategy and ensures a more specific implementation of the overall goal. The lower level primarily focuses on the execution of all projects and processes, so these area-specific objectives involving processes and projects are oriented towards the short term. This pyramid alignment allows each organizational level to segment and distribute activities in such a way that the work is easily manageable by each area and in humanly achievable quantities within a specified timeframe. The three organizational levels are divided into strategic, tactical, and operational. We will now describe each one.
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Process structure

A process structure is characterized by management focused on the final delivery of products or services through work organized by processes throughout the entire value chain.
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What is a critical process?

A critical process is defined as a process that has priority over others, either because its importance is greater or because it has certain flaws that must be modified. Critical processes are those that demand more attention since they are the most important.
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