BA. Andrés Pérez Españon

Drew CEO

"We are a company focused on developing genuine value for other companies. We are passionate about transforming the way in which people work in order to help them develop their professional potential.

We are curious, restless, and non-conformist people. We aspire to be the connection between two worlds that have not been able to communicate for a long time: technology and business, so that technology works for us and not the other way around."

- BA. Andrés Pérez Españon.

Our  vision 

To globalize our way of working

We search, manage, chase, and insist on the idea that collaborative work and transparent communication would create a great impact if every company in the world adopts this way of working.
Leaving aside money as a prior goal and transform corporate objectives: focusing on people. Money is the result, not the incentive.

Our  mission 

We believe in people.

In our view, people are at the center; they are the beginning and the end. That is why, day after day, we are committed to providing the tools and the motivation needed so as we can work happier. We also share our work openly so that others can follow our lead.


Our story

  • Beginning and founding

    Logo Drew 1

    We began to operate as a digital marketing company (outbound). The services we provided were: social networks management, webpage designing, and advertisement, among others.



  • Drew & HubSpot

    Logo HubSpot

    In 2016 we were taking into account that digital marketing was evolving so our services needed to go beyond; it was not enough just providing social networks and webpage management. That is why we became HubSpot partners, focusing on Inbound which was a great investment of both effort and money in a complicated time in the economic context of Argentina.

    Drew & HubSpot | What is HubSpot?


  • First Silver Partner in Córdoba. Fifth in Argentina

    Logo Silver Partner

    At the end of 2017, we became the first certified company of HubSpot in Cordoba, and fifth in Argentina. This was a great achievement for us because we could accomplish the annual sales objectives.

    What is Inbound?


  • First press interview by Comercio y Justicia

    Logo Comercio y Justicia

    The paper Comercio y Justicia interviewed us about our activity regarding Inbound from Cordoba to the whole country; this way, we could show our certification as Silver Partners of HubSpot.

    Read the complete interview


  • Interview by InfoNegocios and Punto a Punto

    Logo InfoNegocios Logo Punto A Punto

    Comercio y Justicia interview also led us to appear at InfoNegocios and Punto a Punto.

    Read interview at InfoNegocios

    Read interview at PuntoaPunto


  • Change of approach

    Logo Drew 2

    In March 2018, we realized that we needed to change our approach again (and change the logo too): we needed to add value from other aspects and not just from marketing and sales. We discovered that we could be a great asset in processes and productivity.

    What is this?


  • Drew &


    Thanks to our change of approach, we were contacted by this Israeli company, based in NY, USA, to be the connection to all Latin America. We started to work together a month after signing the agreement.

    What is


  • HUG Córdoba Leaders 2019

    Logo HUG Leader

    HubSpot appointed Drew as HUG Leaders (Leaders of HubSpot User Group in Cordoba) which involved holding at least 4 events during 2019 in Cordoba, where a HUG had never been held before. This meant a huge step for Drew and its take-off.

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  • Weekly webinars

    We began helping in a more constant way. chose us as the only partners in the world to host official webinars in Spanish every Thursday at 4 pm (Argentina time).

    Watch our webinars


  • Drew & FreshWorks

    Logo FreshWorks

    FreshWorks, a software suite company from India, contacted us so we can evaluate the possibility to work with them as strategic partners in Latin America.

    Drew & FreshWorks


  • Relationship with Banco Galicia

    Logo Galicia

    At this time, we started to work with Banco Galicia bank in the strategic planning area to help them manage this type of project and initiative. It was a great achievement for us that such an important entity like Banco Galicia trusted in the services we provide.


  • Relationship with Buenos Negocios

    From the initiative with Banco Galicia bank, we made an agreement with Buenos Negocios, offering discounts and benefits for their community.

    Visit Buenos Negocios


  • Global approach

    Logo Drew

    That is how we began to be relevant globally: with this achievement, we changed our logo again in order to be more flexible, adapted and oriented to global consulting with influences on Spain, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Panama and Mexico.


  • Success story: Grupo Konecta

    Logo Konecta

    At this point, we recorded our first success story (recorded) with Konecta Group, a multinational BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, present in several countries and in Argentina, and which has more than 60,000 employees.

    Read success story


  • Success story: Box Point

    Logo Box Point

    During 2018, a Spanish company named Box Point which deal with electrical and electronic boxes, trusted in Drew for the management and implementation of Inbound campaigns; this is how we recorded our second success story.

    Read success story


  • HubSpot Gold Partners

    Gold Partner de HubSpot

    We became Gold Partners, being the first and the only ones in Cordoba, Argentina to reach this category and remain there today.


  • Relationship with Prosegur

    Logo Prosegur

    We began to work with Prosegur in the Human Resources area to strengthen the way in which they managed processes internally. Prosegur is a Spanish multinational security company with more than 170,000 employees all over the world.


  • HUG Córdoba Leaders 2020

    Logo HUG Leader

    We secured our place again as HUG Leaders 2020 in our city: Cordoba, Argentina. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the first event due to the COVID-19 pandemic; we will soon post some news.


  • Members of the Partner Advisory Council of HubSpot

    Logo PAC

    Being one of the representatives in Argentina, together with the LatAm team, we were chosen to be part of the Partner Advisory Council. HubSpot PAC was funded in 2017 is made up of six regional groups that get together quarterly to discuss topics ranging from new products to general changes. PAC represents the community of partners in the important decisions that will have an impact on the future of our program.


  • Drew & SurveySparrow

    Logo SurveySparrow

    SurveySparrow is an American company that asked us to work in tandem, strengthening our experience with people both with customers and employees.

    Drew & SurveySparrow

    What is SurveySparrow?


  • Drew & Scoro

    Logo Scoro

    Scoro, an Estonian software company and one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, got in touch with us to form an alliance for the Latin American market. Scoro is a global ERP company (Enterprise Resource Planning) which allows other companies to solve problems of different source that cannot be solved with customized or homemade ERP software in local markets.

    Drew & Scoro

    What is Scoro?


  • Drew & Aircall

    Logo SurveySparrow

    Aircall, a French company, contacted us to work together, which strengthened our integrated digital telephone demand.

    Drew & Aircall

    What is Aircall?


  • Drew & WebEngage

    Logo WebEngage

    WebEngage is a multichannel user participation platform. It helps you automate the communication with your users throughout their lives. We began a partnership relation with them in order to grow together in the Latin American market.

    Drew & WebEngage

    What is WebEngage?


  • "Visión Global" award

    Logo UNAJE

    In the category of “Visión Global” (Global Vision) of UNAJE awards, the award-wining person was Andrés Pérez Españon from Nodo Córdoba and CEO of our company.

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  • Launching of Customer Experience Touchless

    Logo CXT

    Experience innovation: People satisfaction is one of the most important variables to take into account when making decisions. New contexts. New ways of measuring. Contactless. Touchless.

    More information


  • Drew & Plantt

    Logo Plantt

    Plantt is the only conversational AI platform to detect bottlenecks, repetitive patterns of conversation and it also automates communication so that companies can provide a fast response and reduce SLAs.

    Drew & Plantt

    What is Plantt?


  • Interview by La Voz del Interior

    Logo La Voz

    An interview carried out by the most important newspaper of inland Argentina about our company.

    Read the article


  • HubSpot Platinum Partner

    Logo Platinum Partners

    We became HubSpot Platinum Partners, being the first and only ones in Cordoba to reach this category and remain there today.

    What is HubSpot?


  • Drew & Kissflow


    Kissflow contacted us to become the only distributors in Latin America so that we could strengthen the commercialization of this Business Process Management software. 

    What is Kissflow?


  • Drew & SALESmanago


    Croatian SALESmanago contacted us to become partners so that we could explore Latin American eCommerce potential together. 


  • Drew & LeadSquared


    This Marketing Automation and CRM platform with offices in the main countries in the world, such as the USA, Dubai, India, among others, found us and asked us to develop a business strategy together. 


  • Drew & Document360


    Kovai, the company headquartered in India and with offices in several other countries, asked us to form an alliance for the Latin American market. 


  • Drew & Integromat

    Captura de Pantalla 2021-05-14 a la(s) 14.10.13

    After using their software a lot and with great adoption in the market, the process automation company per excellence, headquartered in the Czech Republic, asked us to form an official alliance for Latin American. 

    What is Integromat?


  • Launching of LearnLab


    In May 2021, we created a continuous learning laboratory called LearnLab, a place to encourage people's professional growth. 


  • Today

    Logo Drew

    We keep on working, improving and optimizing our processes and solutions to make companies and people work better and better.