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Study cases

Remarkable stories, between failures and successes, about examples of companies from different sectors, sizes and countries; to learn, know and be informed.


Current events, relevant events and significant developments in various areas, reflecting the reality of different contexts, providing enriching perspectives to stay up to date.
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People. Processes. Technology.

We believe that clear processes, supported by the right technology, create an environment where people work happier, and consequently become your company more productive.


World class technology.
First level solutions for your company.

Culture code

What is a culture code?

Cultural codes are all those that mark the lifestyle of a community or person as a form of expression where they have implications in the conduct of each individual both professionally, personally and psychologically.

Drew’s goal

Globalize our way of working.  We seek, manage, pursue and insist that collaborative work and transparent communication would generate impact if all companies in the world adopted this way of working.

We are driven by PASSION

Who we are, who we are and who we want to be.


We believe in people, Always

We’re crazy.

We wanted to know why we do what we do with such passion. Months passed before we could find our purpose:

People are ours why. They’re the beginning, the end, they’re everything.

Work changed from something we have to do, to something we want to do. And so, we value attitude, willingness to learn and collaboration rather than educational titles.

Everything is done in the most perfect way possible

From an e-book, a design, a meeting and even an e-mail. Everything, everything, we do it in the most perfect way possible.

We work with international standards, and our quality of service is our main emblem.

We are, above all, transparent

Transparency is a value that is not simply expressed in words, it is evident in each of our actions.

If you don’t add value, don’t do it

What matters is how and why you work.

Always adding value   

we believe in teamwork.

"We have a young spirit and a lot of development drive. We are both perfectionists and a highly relational team. This is a very difficult combination to find."

Phrase from a member of Drew.

The only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

And we all (you too) changed the way we see our work, even the way we live.Texto del párrafo (1)

Our 8 pillars.

Help your colleagues, would you like to learn

At Drew we believe and support constant feedback between areas. We all help each other, continually. The team is everything.

It all depends on you, the opportunities are endless

The attitude of growth and constant learning generate real opportunities in themselves. You can always challenge yourself.

Time is worth money: use it well!

Prioritization is the activity that orders items or activities in order of importance in relation to others.

Separate the personal from the professional.

At Drew we seek to enhance professional skills and end up helping in personal life and vice versa.

It's not wrong to not know, it's wrong not to ask for help.

We all want to help, don't hesitate.
Don't bother, ever.

Good questions, good answers.

We are business doctors and, therefore, we explore, analyze and investigate in detail. It is important to know how to ask

In the blacksmith's house... Katana

. We do internally everything we say, everything we offer and recommend.

You will never know your comfort zone again

We constantly seek to break our mental models, learning, assuming new challenges and responsibilities.

 We love to be Drew

We asked our team anonymous questions and these were the answers.

What makes us different from the rest?

And the answers were...

Pregunta 1


How do you see Drew in the next 10 years?

We answer that...

Pregunta 2


Why do you work at Drew? And what do you value most?

Here the answers were...pregunta 3


We are Drew