Who are we?

Drew (WE ARE DREW SAS) is a company with international scope based in Córdoba, Argentina. 98% of our meetings are online and 79% of our customers are located in another city or country. 
From 2013 on, in Drew, we help other companies to grow. Our company is based on the inbound philosophy, which offers a complete change in perspective in the way of selling. Our activities revolve around three business units: inbound, outbound, and productivity; through them, we can help companies do more with less.
 We add value. That is what we do and what we are. We believe in added value and we are passionate about working on it day after day in our actions and with each customer.
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Relationship with Freshworks

In June 2019, Freshworks contacted Drew in order to form a strategic partnership for Latin America and the Caribbean. 
Freshworks is an Indian company present in more than 140 countries around the world. The solutions they provide are made up of several products oriented to solving different issues within companies. 
"At Freshworks, we believe your business deserves better software - software that’s ready to go, easy to setup and use, and requires minimal customization. All of our products live up to this promise and are backed by our world-class support. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get them working."


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Solutions by Freshworks

Tickets, complaints, and support management.
Teach your support team to work together
and solve your customers' problems more quickly.
Internal requirements management software
Improve your IT service and manage the internal requests from your employees.  

Software and sales tools for the business area

Keep your sales team informed on your potential customers

and close sales more quickly.



Software for call centers
Install a call center cloud-based in 40 countries within a few minutes. 



Marketing software
Turn the visitors of your web page into customers
by means of optimization techniques of highly robust conversion



Human Resources software

Attract applications, talk to the candidates and hire superstars. 



Collaborative platform to connect with your teams

Allow your teams, partners, and employees to collaborate with the complete context. 


Chat service for your website
Talk to your website visitors and the users of your products
in order to close sales and make the customer succeed. 



Launching of useful tools for software teams

Agile project management software for development teams.
Plan, supervise, test, and send: all in one place.



Public status of your system

Set your website in a free host and with public access forever. 


Status and disponibility of your website 

Monitor the disponibility of your website.
Receive a notification and status pages for free.



Join more than 150,000 work teams

that already trust in Freshworks




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