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your company from the start. 

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Customers first: at the center

Have you ever entered a store and felt at home before the seller attended to you? This can also be possible virtually through well-prepared, exhaustive reception processes. But this is not it: these "high expectations" should be accompanied not only by a  transverse attention process but also by a strong and appropriate one.

Freshchat is a robust messaging software that allows you to take advantage of the close relationship between customer service and the efficiency of your work team.  


To be on the same page as your customer.


Get in touch in a customized way with a shared screen and an audio chat box to sell, incorporate or support.

Connect yourself in a customized level with a shared screen and audio chat for selling, incorporating or support. 



Below, you can learn more about the native integration of WhatsApp + Freshchat

Many channels, unified.

You can send and receive messages from your customers to the applications they use every day from a unified platform.


Generación de leads


Leads  generation 

Interfere before your visitors go away by using bots and other intelligence tools.


Soporte al cliente

  Customer  support 

Support and retain customers. Provide great satisfaction to them.


Satisfacción de clientes

  Customer  engagement

Discover real growth by converting new users into active customers.

Coordinate with your customers no matter where they are.

Freshchat campaigns allow you to get in touch with users of your software/website through app messages and even from outside your software via e-mail and push notifications on their smartphones. 
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Create a proactive customer support tool from a new perspective.

With the different channels, create several chats for delivery, prices, demos, among others. This allows customers to start focused conversations. Every channel can be set with a welcome message to establish an additional context and you can assign trained specialists to it in order to handle it.


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Connect your customers with the appropriate specialists.

With IntelliAssign, you can assign conversations to team members according to their skills: beginner, intermediate, expert, and their current chat frequency.
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Connect Freshchat with other tools used at your company.

Freshchat is not a closed platform. It integrates natively with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and others that are used extensively to centralize everything you want in the channel you like the most.


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E-commerce and websites 

Real-time reports about purchase orders, orders, notifications via WhatsApp API integrated 100% with Freshchat. 

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Traveling and tourism

It is the best tool for traveling businesses, hotels, and tourism to inform people about the tickets they bought, complaints, among others.

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You can inform your customers about their products, their delivery status, their shipping date, among other important information.


Real growth begins

when users find value  at your company.
You can use Freshchat to communicate this value and to grow more rapidly.

Drive visitors to become leads, and users to become happy, engaged customers.






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