Who are we?

Drew  is a company with international scope based in Córdoba, Argentina. 98% of our meetings are online and 79% of our customers are located in another city or country. 
We add value. That is what we do and what we are. We believe in added value and we are passionate about working on it day after day at each of our business units and with each customer.
What is SurveySparrow?




Relationship with SurveySparrow.

At Drew, we work with World Class tools and, in March 2020, SurveySparrow contacted us to start working together as strategic partners in the Latin American market. 
Today, we are the only Spanish-speaking partner to provide this solution.
About SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an end-to-end conversational experience management platform that helps get a 40% better response rate. 

Its main characteristics include: 

-It is a very easy platform to use. 
- It has chat-type surveys that allow you to create very appealing conversational surveys.
- Classic surveys by making one question at a time. 
-Offline surveys that allow you to gather comments, even from distant places with no internet connection.
- NPS surveys to measure how customers are feeling and workflow in one question.
-Several question templates to choose from.
- Control panel with no click and report filters highly advanced to provide insightful reports.
-Efficient user management to improve your workflow.
- An open optional following question for NPS surveys to close the comments cycle.   
- Survey automation with a recurrent mode to measure customers or employees regularly.
- Sharing surveys through several channels to get answers faster.
- More than 1,500 integration tools to avoid using several platforms. 
-Customized CSS to add your own personal touch to every survey.
- White labeling to customize every element in your survey.
- Sub-accounts to manage surveys independently within one main account. 
- SSO that allows users to log on to their products and on the SurveySparrow community with some logging on credentials.

What is SurveySparrow?

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