The power of simple.

Kissflow Digital Workplace.

In a complex world, simplicity holds power beyond imagination.

Here’s a glimpse into the digital workplace platform of the future and what it can do for you.




Everything you need for every type of work.


Kissflow Digital Workplace has everything your team needs to manage any type of work they take on, ranging from highly structured and sophisticated to quick project boards. All your work in just one platform.





Automated processes.

Maintain tight control over tasks and bring the power of hands-free automation
to your workflows





No-code workflows

Quickly create simple or complex workflows including parallel branches and conditional tasks. 



Dynamic task assignment

Assign tasks dynamically, through formulas, or to groups so that the right person takes action.



SLAs, deadlines, and escalations

Set custom parameters to hold team members accountable to make sure work keeps moving.



Drag-and-drop forms

Anything is possible with 20 field types, custom layouts, tables, and data validations.



Access control

Mitigate risks by preventing unauthorized users from accessing confidential fields or data.



Use aging metrics, pivot tables, or custom reports to track and improve process efficiency.




Here is where all your work is.

Manage all kinds of work in one platform in a digital workplace. No matter whether you run a company or just a team, a digital workplace provides you the flexibility, power and transparency you need.




Flexible projects and cases.

Coordinate better on core projects with highly visual and intuitive tools to keep your team on track.





Kanban Boards

Quickly see all tasks in the value stream and drag and drop items to the next step.



Unique resolutions

Use case management tools to create custom resolutions for different steps.



Multiple stages for steps

Items can be In Progress or On Hold for each step to improve transparency on what is priority.



Quick tagging

Have contextual conversations inside your work platform with comments and mentions.



Multiple views

Instantly switch from Kanban boards to a spreadsheet layout or activity stream.


Custom task cards

Change the quick information displayed on cards to make for better visibility and actions.

Collaborative channels. 

Give your teams an intelligent way to openly discuss work and keep conversations organized and accessible.






Unlimited channels

Create open, closed, or secret channels for different teams and interest groups.




Emoji and GIFs

Splash some color on your workplace conversations and bring them to life.




Power search bar

Search current and archived files, posts, and even users across the entire platform.




Polls, surveys, and announcements

Go beyond posting and collect live responses to questions and display results in real-time.




Customized notifications

Let team members decide what kind of notifications they want, depending on the channel.



Moderated and anonymous posts

Maintain control of discussions and give users the ability to safely make sensitive posts.

Customizable platform.

Control every aspect of Kissflow to make it work for you and your team






Integrations and APIs

Connect your flows internally or with external applications, and perform dozens of remote tasks.




Custom user attributes

Create unique categories for your users to add intelligence to how items get assigned.




Schedule tasks

Easily set up recurring tasks to trigger at regular intervals for repeating processes.




Formatting flexibility

Set account and user-level preferences for language, working days, currency, and timezones.




Full audit logs

View an archive of every action on the system to identify issues and improve accountability.



Mobile ready

Carry your work in your pocket with mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

Empower leaders. Solve problems.

Give leaders complete autonomy on work processes and tools without creating silos.

Create a constant digital culture

The same intuitive experience for every employee, no matter where they are.

Get rid of multifunctional friction

Facilitate team collaboration and exchange of data without losing context. 

Build the board of your dreams

Place the metrics and unique data that you want to monitor on one board.




Functional leaders need freedom and flexibility to manage work the way they want.

All your data in one place

Get the data you need in one place and avoid going from one app to the other. 

Connect with the world

Perfect synchronous and asynchronous conversations everywhere.

It has all your tasks

Supervise all your tasks in one place.

Ready whenever you want

All the notifications in one place, ready to check them and respond to them on time.









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