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E-mail services are not designed to solve customers' problems.

You can combine messages and customers' information from every channel so that you can provide the best support experience possible.

Having support processes and customers' information scattered over different tools could be worse. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain several tools as well as training for your agents so that they learn how to use them. 

With only one multichannel Help Desk, like the one Freshdesk provides, your contact center can answer e-mails, calls from customers and communicate with them through the chat box in the Help Desk. 

You can have access to past conversations with any customer made through any channel from the only unified customers' database. Agents can also follow customers up and have control over their conversations, turning them into Help Desk tickets. 



Why can't it be done by e-mail?

Because it is chaotic.

It is complicated to provide support through e-mail. Complex structures of folders and codified labels with different colors are needed so that you can control incidences; also, if the number of tickets rises, collaboration gets out of control.

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Every channel



E-mail support


Website support


Chat support


Telephone support


Facebook support


Twitter support

A flawless omnichannel               Help Desk.

A complete support agent includes happy customers; Freshdesk has been created to help you do that. 

Only by logging in, your agents can start to solve customers' problems immediately thanks to the intuitive and easy user interface.

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SLA management

Answer and resolution rules are defined for each ticket so that agents can be well-informed about the deadline. A quality service contract in your management system of tickets allows you to tell both the customer and the agent the estimated time of answer and to measure how many agents can meet the established deadlines.  

You can redistribute the amount of work or add more people to the team so that you can achieve the SLA. You can even set automatic callbacks to the agents or bring the issue to the managers when the SLA has not been followed.

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Workload and tickets management on autopilot.

You can improve your Help Desk with automation tools that work 24 hours and that make sure that the support process is simple. 

You can automate routine tasks in your Help Desk, such as establishing prioritiesfollowing up tickets and other operative tasks that help you provide support service. This way, your work team can use their time in a better way and create the perfect support experience for your customers. 

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Assess and make decisions in a smarter way.

Numbers, agents' answer time, resolution of SLA, or created ticket can be analyzed according to the ticket properties, such as status, agent groups or type, among others.

You can accelerate your support by identifying bottlenecks and analyzing problematic tickets right from the report.

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A mobile Help desk

You can control every pending service task, obtain updates through push notifications and manage your daily calendar from the Freshdesk mobile app. 

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Locate and browse

You can choose your service task, locate your customer and browse through it until your next appointment from the Freshdesk app.

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Updates while moving

You can add notes, photos, update your service tasks and keep Help desk agents informed from your mobile phone.


You can prioritize, manage and take real-time  action

with no repetitive tasks.







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