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People first: the experience.

People are at the center and, nowadays, this idea is growing and growing. New generations and the ones coming, focus more on the experiences they have than on money, housing, or cars. Experiences are key. 
Most tools used to measure this type of insight, do it in a way that is better for the business owner and not for the user. 
However, SurveySparrow is not like that. By using different alternatives to measure both customer and employee satisfaction, products, markets, among others, you can report how satisfied people are in these areas.  So, what is the difference? The main difference is that when Drew & SurveySparrow get together, we achieve whatever we want. 
 Drew: People are the why, everything else is the how. 
SurveySparrow: Experience software focused on people.
This partnership is what makes us different.
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Experiencia de usuario


Customer experience

You can measure CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) using surveys for customers. With this attractive survey platform, you can collect customers' comments and obtain profound information. Customer surveys help you discover flaws and improve the quality of your brand. 


Employee experience

SurveySparrow helps you measure employee motivation by using surveys specially made for them. You can measure how engaged they are, their job satisfaction and analyze workplace benefits. Our world-class platform makes it simple. 


Product experience

You can assess the market using market research surveys online. Gather valuable data such as consumer tendencies, market climate, competititors, among other information by using online market research tools. Take your estrategies in the right direction. 

Surveys not only beautiful but also smart.

Build smart surveys that ask about only what is relevant to the previous questions.

  • Visualization logic that shows questions based on certain conditions. 
  • Several logical blocks to set up smart surveys very quickly. 


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Customize. Every person is unique and different.

Create customized surveys instead of a "standard" survey with funnel, customized parameters.
  • Build customized surveys by using the previous answers. 
  • Use customized parameters to include relevant information with customized variables.


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Say "thank you" in a customized way.

Show a customized results page to every respondent after evaluating the results using standard expressions.
  • Expressions help you make calculations and get a result.
  • Several thanking pages for each particular occasion. 


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Gather more information with different types of questions.

Obtain important information not by creating long surveys but by using a combination of different questions.
  • Opinion scale.
  • Star rating.
  • Text input.
  • Date type.
  • File uploading.
  • Contact form.
  • Matrix type.
  • Classification order.
  • Dragging and dropping...and more!


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Automate tasks, channel workflows.

Automate every repetitive task with recurrent functions and a reminder email program. 
  • Recurrent surveys to automatically schedule and share them. 
  • Set time, date and frequency of reminding emails to encourage respondents to complete the survey.
  • Separate reminding emails for partial respondents and non-repondents.


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Multichannel reach: share your surveys through many channels.

You can share surveys through many channels with no trouble. Instant reach and guaranteed answers.
  • Reach your audience through e-mail.
  • Embed comment widgets on your website.
  • Send text surveys to your audience.
  • Get comments from your social channels.
  • Set recurrent surveys to get continuous comments.

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Analyze deeply and make better decisions.

Monitor survey responses and analyze the information collected to make quick decisions.
  • Choose from a graphics menu. 
  • Advanced filters to separate important results from reports.
  • Compared results with cross-tabulation boards.
  • Plan reports to get information in your inbox. 
  • Export the information.


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Integraciones nativas, API y Webhooks




Integraciones nativas


 Extend capabilities with API, Webhooks and native integrations.

Integrate your business applications like CRM, Helpdesk, Internal communication platforms, using SurveySparrow API and nourish your enterprise environment. Or you can communicate with any third-party application using SurveySparrow’s webhooks.

If not API or Webhooks, with just a button, you can directly integrate SurveySparrow with umpteen applications like Zapier, Aweber, Facebook Pixel, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, MailChimp, WordPress, Rybbon.


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You are in good hands. 

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