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Turn information into customer  experience 

Discover what customers ask in real-time, identify bottlenecks and get useful information to make commercial decisions.

Discover what customers ask.

Go beyond simple labelling to find out what customers are asking in real-time.

Identify bottlenecks that hold you back.

Detect repetitive conversations that can be easily automated so that you can take full advantage of your human resources.

Conversation manuals.

Keep a constant brand voice in all your conversations while you improve the efficiency of your team. 



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Efficiency that encourages satisfaction

Label, route and answer the questions of your customers within seconds with AI assistants that meet customers' expectations.

Design conversations at scale.

Our conversation designer with no code makes it easy for you to create automated highly customized conversations.

Manage conversations in a smarter and faster way.

Label, route and respond according to the user's exact intention, opinion analysis and the operative context in order to accelerate the response time.

24/7 Support.

Keep a constant brand voice in all your conversations while you improve the efficiency of your team. 



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Self-learning platform.

Meaning: No more decision trees, no more engineers. It has been designed for customer-oriented professionals; any member of your team can configure Plantt within minutes.

Identify problems when they come up.

Our self-learning process analyzes the questions and answers of your representatives and updates the database with new information.

Install it with a few clicks, get results in a few days.

Integrate Plantt with your existing CRM, be it commercial or own-manufactured. It does not require writing code nor creating difficult decision trees. 

Optimize your conversational flow in less than 72 hours.

Plantt creates a complete automated and attractive customer experience for you and your customers, which reduces 90% of response time and improves the SLA.

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