Who are we?

Drew (WE ARE DREW SAS) is a company with international scope based in Córdoba, Argentina (if you don't know our city, you can see more here). 98% of our meetings are online and 79% of our customers are located in another city or country. 
 We add value. That is what we do and what we are. We believe in added value and we are passionate about working on it day after day at each of our business units and with each customer.
What is Plantt?





Relationship with Plantt.

At Drew, we work with World Class tools and, in November 2020, the Platt team based in Tel Aviv, Israel, contacted us to become strategic partners in their disembarkation in Latin America.
We found this alliance very interesting since we deal with data, processes and results. After some conversations about future plans, we became the only Spanish-speaking strategic partners of Plantt.
About Plantt

Plantt was founded in 2019 by Dan Leshem, CEO and Itamar Eizik, CTO, both former chiefs of the OrCam team and with a lot of experience in the AI field. The company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and has 10 employees. Plantt has customers from around the globe and many of them are growing rapidly into SaaS and e-mail brands. 

Plantt is the only conversational AI platform that discovers bottlenecks and repetitive conversation patterns, and automates communication; this helps companies to provide a faster response and to reduce SLA. The platform allows companies to improve their communication in relation to automation through e-mails, chatbots, call centers and many other communication channels in every language.   

Conversational challenge

The online world moves faster and faster. Customers today demand more ways of interaction and communication, both pre and post-sales. Companies are now fighting to keep up with the increasing demand, which produces longer response time, increased costs and a bad customer experience. This is why companies are looking for new ways to solve this problem in which they can interact with their customers.

The best solution is to implement automation of customer service processes, such as chatbots and AI assistants. However, current automated solutions are not good enough by themselves so customers feel frustrated because they do not get relevant responses or the service they deserve. 


By 2022, 70 % of all customers' interactions will imply emerging tools such as chatbots, machine learning and mobile messaging (Source: Gartner)



What is Plantt?



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