Who are we?

Drew (WE ARE DREW SAS) is a company with international scope based in Córdoba, Argentina. 98% of our meetings are online and 79% of our customers are located in another city or country. 
From 2013 on, in Drew, we help other companies to grow. Our company is based on the inbound philosophy, which offers a complete change in perspective in the way of selling. Our activities revolve around three business units: inbound, outbound, and productivity; through them, we can help companies do more with less.
 We add value. That is what we do and what we are. We believe in added value and we are passionate about working on it day after day at each of our business units and with each customer.



Monday.com Favorite partner


Our relationship with monday.com

It was a regular Thursday. Suddenly, somebody sent us a message through LinkedIn: a renowned company had found us because of our great online activity. After that first contact, meetings, agreements, and signatures followed. Finally, a month and a half later, monday.com started to work with Drew.
Even though at first, this company (based in Tel Aviv and with a branch in New York) did not have faith in Argentina, two factors made it reconsider: the first one was related to our selling numbers, which from day one started to rise and never dropped ever since. The second one was made evident when we became Latin American strategic partners to hold a productivity event.
Few months after we started to work in Argentina,
we landed in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay.

monday.com comes into play when we talk about productivity. It is a process management tool that allows you to manage the company's work teams in a collaborative, transparent, agile, and efficient way. 


Our relationship with them is based on the assistance we provide to you to detect how we can help you in your business processes. We do not just sell the software and the platform (only if you need it), but we also assess, make a diagnosis, optimize and implement your processes in an efficient, collaborative, and productive way.  

This way, we proved that this relationship that started with certain doubts and some confidence at the same time, could and can show its efficacy, productivity, and desire to help you.

Our goal is for your company to grow in a better way,

with no difficulties and together throughout the whole process.

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