Intelligent Service Management Solution

for the Modern Enterprise

Teams and their services are the pillars of productivity.




Avant-garde service management solution.

Freshservice speeds up service management for companies of all sizes and allows them to boost large-scale production rapidly.


Support the enthusiasm and productivity of your team  with technology. 

Connect with your employees individually.

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Intelligent service requirements software for              growing enterprises.






Globally award-winning software

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Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for ITSM Tools

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SDI award to Best Implementation for two years in a row

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Capterra Most Popular ITSM Software

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G2 Crowd Leader Service Software 2018 



Achieve greater efficiencies with AI and automation.

Customer service agents love Freshservice bots since they are capable of automating everyday routine duties and putting time back into agents' day so they can focus on tickets and more complicated service requests.


Built for the enterprise, designed for employees.

Simplify the service environment so that key information and workflows are available with just a few menu layers. 

Guarantee minimum learning curves and fast adoption of an intuitive user interface, easy to use and similar to the app for customers.



Scale with Freshworks Platform.

Meet your expanding customer needs with the open and flexible Freshworks Platform providing rich API for custom integration, automated workflows, smart analytics, ecosystem partner solutions, and hundreds of marketplace apps.


Ensure consistent service experiences in your enterprise.

Streamline service management across lines of business, from IT to HR, Facilities, Travel, Legal, and more, with consistent service experiences over a unified platform for improved visibility and efficiency.

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Increase agents' productivity

Automate repetitive tasks with powerful workflow automation and augment support with virtual agents & AI-powered chatbots.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-14 a la(s) 10.35.20Standardize service delivery

Integrate service management in every role, department, and location on a single platform to offer the same experience in all of them.

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Rapid amortization

Rapidly develop enterprise-grade customizations with Freshservice’s no-code platform. Get expert onboarding,  migration services and  24x7 support.




Modernize your service delivery with Freshservice







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