A world class ERP.

The core ofyour company.

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Complete clarity.

Increase income and maximize project profitability by carefully planning the time and resources of your team. Schedule and follow the work of your team in a simple and intuitive way so you ensure the quality of the process.

Integrated happiness.

Integration with the most known accounting software, cloud-storage solutions and more than 1,000 tools that help you achieve true automation. 


Sell it.

Do it.

Bill it.


It is all about time.

Take advantage of the time of your team by using completely integrated time management tools such as team calendars, shared tasks, timesheets, following and planning automated time.
Knowing how everybody's time is being managed establishes capacity, helps you plan accordingly and optimizes the way the team uses time.
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Always on the same page.

It offers high-quality work in a planned, scheduled time by programming and locating everything in one place.

You can get a general description of all your projects and keep yourself updated with the details of each of them, including a timeline, past and planned activities, dedicated and billed time, files, budgets, bills, costs, among others.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

All your selling and finance documents in detailed reports, budgets and integrated accounting software.

Keep record of your purchases and costs, and compare several budget scenarios with real income, costs and profits.

Automate billing process with programmed and recurrent bills as well as reminders of due bills to save hundreds of hours each month.

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Your customers, just one click away.

Locate your opportunities, proposals, sales objective and team performance in real time.

Gather budgets and bills with a few clicks and send them as customized PDF files. 

Get a 360° general vision of each customer, including contact details, communication records, projects, budgets, orders and bills, all in one place.

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True results in real time.

Enterprise reports covering every aspect of your business are gathered together automatically.

It displays the commands board and expands the details of every order line or time entry.

Everything is combined in real-time, completely customized control panels where you can monitor metrics, graphics, conversions and the actionable elements that are most important to you and your company.

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Complete customization.

Set up all types of activities / products, labels, status and add customized fields to almost every function.

Set permission for every user to limit access to specific information or certain projects.

Select PDF templates for bills, budgets, orders and reports from our library; also, you can create your own.
Use markers to create hundreds of views and customized reports.

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The office on your device.

Use Scoro in a mobile app for iOS and Android. Everything you need to know about your business at hand.

Create and access your projects, tasks, events and contacts immediately, no matter where you are.

Notifications will keep you updated with everything that is going on at your work.

Download it from App Store or Google Play.

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