Does your website work in China?

Many of the websites located outside of China may work incorrectly or may not work at all.

Analyze the performance of your website in China



Optimize the performance of your website in China.

Chinafy is a cross-border web performance platform that helps websites like your company to load quickly, fully, and securely in China, without requiring an ICP or building a site from scratch.
Analyze the performance of your website in China


Get your website working in China.

Most websites hosted outside of China take 16-55 seconds to load if they load at all.

Sites that load after more than 5 seconds are considered slow.





With Chinafy









Without Chinafy






Many people abandon a website just because its loading speed exceeds 5 seconds. Chinafy offers a quick solution to decrease the loading time of your site in China.


There is no need to install programs, complex code changes, or move to China for your site to work properly. Chinafy proposes an online solution to streamline the operation of websites in China.




Your site, along with all the information it contains, will not be altered to function properly in China.

Your website, now trackable in China.

Baidu is the main search engine in China, it owns 70% of the entire market. The technical requirements to index in this search engine are very different from those of Google or Bing (they have 2% of the market). With Chinafy each of the pages of your website will be indexed and considered the canonical source of your domain.


Learn how many of your pages are indexed in China



No ICP or presence in China?

You don't have to be in China for your website to work properly.

Discover the easiest and fastest way to identify, automate and solve browsing problems of your site in China.


Analyze the performance of your website in China






Global code compatibility.

Audit, identify, and dynamically modify the code of your site in a simple and intuitive way.

This way, you will guarantee the constant technical compliance of your website allowing its correct operation in China.


Analyze the performance of your website in China





Data Security & Hosting.

Your website will be hosted on cross-border servers located near China.

This allows you to maintain total discretion about the data and content of your site. In this way, you manage to minimize the latency traditionally caused by the distance to your users without risk.


Analyze the performance of your website in China




Generate a higher number of leads.

The volume of advertisements on Baidoo and Wechat is growing more and more.

A common thought when the expected results are not obtained is that the ads are not the right ones.

The real problem could be that the prospect leaves the website without converting due to the slow loading of the website.


Analyze the performance of your website in China




Keep your current provider.

Most traditional websites don't work in China, but that doesn't mean you have to start from scratch.

Develop your website with the provider you want, then by connecting it with Chinafy, you can guarantee good performance without the need to switch to a Chinese provider.


Analyze the performance of your website in China







Reach the largest mass consumption market in the world.






We are the first Chinafy partner in LATAM.


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